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Q: Why buy from
Because we are an Official Reseller! We offer you safe, fast and professional transactions!

Q: Is registration on requested?
No, the registration is not necessary. We not collect your information.

Q: How can I order?
A. Choose the required product-service and click the button BUY NOW. Anytime you also can ask help from our customer service in live chat or by email..

Q: What is the lead-time to process my order?
The processing lead-time of your order depends on the mean of payment and products you have chosen. Usually it should be automatically for on-line payments. Some orders can be completed within 24 hours once the payment is received to our bank accounts or to our intermediate payment account.

Q: Why hasn’t my order been processed yet?
Your order is in process. If your order has not been processed within 24 hours after your actual on-line payment, please contact us or send live message to our customer service live chat.

Q: I didn't receive my voucher after a payment.
1. Please check your email box, email SPAM box...If your order has not been processed within 24 hours after your payment, please contact us.

Q: I receive my voucher after a payment, but it doesn't work.
1. If you have paid and your voucher does not work, please contact us. We will provide a replacement as soon as possible, with an average waiting time 3-24 hours.

Q: I have more question!
A: Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time, we are always ready to answer and help you.